We believe that food tastes best when it’s grown close to home.


Here at Little Buddy Farm we believe in treating our land and our crops with care. We believe that if we take care of our farm, then our farm will take care of us. This results in delicious, nutritious, organically grown food. Since we use no harmful chemicals or synthetic fertilizers, you can rest assured knowing that everything we produce is grown the way nature intended.

Furthermore, we believe that eating locally grown food is healthy and builds community. That’s why, in addition to offering a 20-week CSA subscription to our members, we are partnering with local businesses that share the same beliefs.

Beginning in the end of May, every Thursday from 4-7pm, you can find us in the parking lot of Payette Brewing Co. off of River St. in downtown Boise. Think of it as a tailgate celebration meets veggie pick-up. We can’t wait to catch-up with our CSA members at our fantastic new pick-up location each week thanks to our friends at Payette Brewing Co.!

Additionally, this season you will be able to find our veggies on the menu at Alavita, one of Boise’s finest restaurants. Their commitment to sourcing local ingredients makes them special, and we can’t wait to see our produce expertly prepared and plated by chef Emran Chowdhury .